Laceyland Photo Gallery

Below is a list of links to photos in our collection. These links no longer work - they are pointing to the defunct site, which has been moved to Shutterfly. Since we have shifted our public sharing to friends and family on our Facebook account, we have not continued to update this page nor do have any immediate plans to update these links.

(for Tim and Kathy Lacey family):

January - December, 2011
Highlights from 2011 include our summer trips to Sequoia Natl. Park and Wisconsin!
January - December, 2010
Highlights from 2010 include our summer trips to the East Coast and to King's Canyon!
October - December (Q4), 2009
This is a quarter of non-stop holidays! Highlights include halloween, a visit from Grandma Carol, and Christmas!
July - September (Q3), 2009
A busy quarter of travel! First to England for Mark Brown's Wedding and other highlights from summer. Then to Alaska to see glaciers and mountains!
April - June (Q2), 2009
Easter, our trip to the Anza-Borrego Desert, our trip to Princeton Reunions, and a few other pictures from the spring.
January - March (Q1), 2009
Disneyland and visits from Grandpa Phil & Grandma Rita, Grandma Carol, the Brauns, and Aunt Salli and Uncle Gene.
October - December (Q4), 2008
Pumpkin and Apple season, Halloween, a Camping Trip, Thanksgiving, and Christmas-time.
July - September (Q3), 2008
Our trip to South Dakota, Liz and Joe's family visits us in California, our trip to Miami, and Rio's first day of Kindergarten!
April - June (Q2), 2008
Our trip to Boston, Saratoga Springs and Princeton reunions plus visiting the Bay Area to see Gene & Salli and then Kings Canyon.
January - March (Q1), 2008
Disneyland, our ski trip to Lake Tahoe, Ballet Performances, and Aunt Salli and Uncle Gene Visit!
October - December (Q4), 2007
Includes pictures of our apple picking and horse riding weekend in Julian, CA. This is also the place to see us all in our halloween outfits!
July - September (Q3), 2007
Includes pictures of our July 4th trip to the Bay Area. Also contains photos from the birthday parties in 2007. To see just the birthday party pictures, CLICK HERE.
April - June (Q2), 2007
Pictures include family visits in early April, our trip to Portland in late April, Kathy's mom's visit and our trip to Big Bear in May.
January - March (Q1), 2007
Pictures include our Disneyland trip in early January. Also included are the pictures from our cruise to Mexico Feb 27-Mar 7th.
October - December (Q4), 2006
See the pictures from Q4, including Halloween and the Holidays.
July - September (Q3), 2006
See the pictures from Q3 as they are posted. In July, Tim's family visited and we've got pictures of them here.
April - June (Q2), 2006
See our pictures from the second quarter of 2006, including Easter, RIo's music class, Sophia's birthday party, Conor's birthday party, Jack&Emilee's visit, Maya's birthday party.

January - March (Q1), 2006

See our pictures from the beginning of 2006, including Roark's first swim, visits from Kathy's parents, Sea World, Disneyland, our Phoenix trip, and various friends.

Halloween 2005

See our pictures of Halloween with Rio and Roark.

The rest of 2005 (Fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years)

See our pictures of 2005 since Roark has joined us.

Roark's birthday, September 15, 2005
Click here for pictures of the beginning of Roark.

The Summer of 2005, from June 15-Roark's birth
From Father's day to Roark's birth, this includes visits from Kelley and Craig, Tim's birthday, and other visits, including Tim's sister and kids.

Various travels, May 24-June 14, 2005
First we spent a week in the Bay Area and then two weeks in New York with Kathy's family.

February 2005 Trip to Hawaii
Our trip to Maui with the Lacey family in February, 2005.

January-May, 2005
Here are general pictures from the first five months of 2005. Be warned - there are many pictures of Rio.

Nov and Dec, 2004
Pictures from November and December, 2004, including Thanksgiving, our trip to Boston, and holiday pictures. We've also got our New Years party pics up.

September and October 2004
Pictures of the late summer months in California, including Rio's first birthday party.

August, 2004 Pictures
Misc pictures from Aug, 2004, including our trip to South Dakota

June and July 2004 Pictures
Misc. Pictures from June and July, 2004

July 2004 Trip to New York, Maine, and Toronto
This is our trip in which we visited Kathy's mom and dad near Saratoga New York, traveled to Maine for Kelley and Craig's wedding, and traveled to Toronto for Aparna's wedding

Kathy's Jamaica
Kathy's June, 2004 trip to Jamaica

May, 2004 Photos
Here are pictures from May, 2004. It includes our trip to Princeton, NJ

April, 2004 Pictures
See our pictures from April, 2004 including the Baby Nursery, Rio's Easter with Annika, and other misc.

New York Trip, April 2004
See Rio in the subway, on the NYC streets, and with Grandma Carol

March, 2004
In March, we had fun at the beach, went to Big Bear to ski, and more. . .

February, 2004
February shots, including the first real pool day for Rio, many family visits.

January 2004
These are assorted pictures from January, 2004, including baby pictures of course.

Baby Rio's First Christmas (Holidays)
Presents and more. . .

Baby Rio's 2nd and 3rd Month
Yes, Rio is getting older, and we have pictures to prove it. These span mid October through the beginning of December (or they will)

Baby Rio Early Weeks
Some pictures after Baby Rio is getting settled in her new life.

Baby Rio's First Days
These are the birth and preliminary pictures of our precious baby Rio.

Our remodel project 3/03-9/03 (and 8/04)
Here is the house remodel. Some pictures from February show our new trailer home, and then starting in March, you can see our house come apart and go back together little by little. We added some pictures from August 2004 to show the "finished" house.

Britain Trip April 2003
Here are our 2 weeks in England, Scotland, and Wales. The first week was driving from London to York to Durham to Edinburgh to Lake Country to Wales to Southwestern England.

Kathy's Dad's Wedding
The wedding of Phil Reynolds and Rita Hebert in chilly upstate New York, 1/25/03

San Diego Life Starting
This covers the departure from Mountain View and the settling in to our Southernwood pad through mid Nov. 2002

New York Trip, August, 2002
This is a trip where we visited friends in NYC, then visited Kathy's parents in Saratoga and Scotia, and then traveled to Princeton, MA for a family reunion. The trip ended with a few days in Boston with friends Kelley and Craig.

Southernwood Way
This is our house from original listing. This is before we started transforming it into Laceyland.

Namale Resort, Fiji, May, 2002
Pictures from our Honeymoon, part 1. (Please note we were married in 1998!)

Matangi Resort, Fiji, May, 2002
Pictures from our Honeymoon, part 2

Europe, April, 2002
Pictures from our trip

Mexico Xpu-Ha, March, 2002
Pictures from our trip

San Antonio, November, 2001
Pictures from our trip
Nina Johnston, Her Early Life in Pictures
These pictures show her as a baby and as a little girl.
Nina Lacey, Her Family Life 1963-1995
These pictures show her getting married and raising a wonderful family.
Nina Lacey, The Grandmother 1995-2007
These pictures show her final passion, her grandchildren. Her relationship with them was beyond special.
Nina Lacey, The Traveler
These pictures show her love for travel, but just a taste. She traveled much more than I was able to show, especially those trips within this country to see friends and family. But I went through our photos and found these pictures of very happy times traveling.

The rest of this page is under construction. Please ignore it, thanks.

Rio and Roark Chatter

Rio and Roark continue to grow up! Roark just completed the Hungry Dog Dash 5K at Liberty Station (early Feb, 2015) and came in third place for kids 10 and under. As for Rio, she just finished performing a number of trombone solos at her jazz band's recent concert to benefit the Lion's Club of Ocean Beach. Her Aunt Liz was in town and got to see her jazzy tunes!p>