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Starting in early 2012, we stopped making updates to this site, in favor of using Facebook to share updates and photos with family and friends. About the same time, OFOTO.com ceased operations and transferred our shared photos to Shutterfly. As a result, the photos on our photo page are also no longer functional links. To stay in touch with us, we encourage you to contact us on Facebook or via e-mail.

Update January, 2015:

Roark is now in fourth grade and finishing elementary school this year. Rio, who is now in sixth grade will be finishing up her lower middle school this year. Both of them are starting to develop into quite strong individuals and we look forward to their next years in school.

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Older news and posts:

Posted December, 2009:

Rio is racing through first grade, after a busy kindergarten year of tremendous learning: reading, writing sentences, drawing, addition, subtraction, telling time, and counting money! We find post-its all over the house with "I Love Mommy", "I love Daddy", "Rio loves horses" and drawings of cats, flowers and butterflies. Every morning before school, she participates in "running club" around a track for 15 minutes. She totalled 120 miles for her kindergarten year!! Rio is also a Daisy Scout and is all about the friends she has made in school. She has retained her imaginative fairytale side and still enjoys dress-up and princesses.

Photo above taken during a trip to Princeton, May 2009.

Posted November, 2008:

Rio was on the radio at 8:30am on November 7th, 2008, appearing on a morning show for 93.3FM here in San Diego. It was part of a show called AJ's playhouse and was part of a section called "kidSmarts". Click here to hear the radio broadcast. It's a big file in MP3 format, so be patient.

Posted September, 2008:

We're so proud of Rio, who randomly taught herself to ride her bike without training wheels! WOW!

Roark has been swept away by the Magic School Bus, loving both the books and TV series. Mommy reads with Ms. Frizzle's voice, and Roark loves to quote Arnold's "I shoulda stayed home today," and has a crush on Phoebe ("at my old school..."). The science topics of the show have sparked huge interests: the human body (Roark requests to see your "uvula" and loves the digestive system, especially the esophagus) and currently the solar system/planets (calling Jupiter the wiggly planet). Roark seeks out big words (we should have seen this coming, with his insistence on "excavators" rather than the common term "diggers"). Roark's got a cute developing sense of humor. While walking by some flowers, he fake sneezed ("Ahchoo!") and then scolded the plants "hey pollen!" Daddy has introduced Roark to Alan Parsons and Roark walks around singing "eye in the sky, looking at you, I can read your mind." Before that, it was the BeeGees and "too much heaven." Currently Roark's favorite songs are "I Want to Hold Your Hand" by the Beatles and "Thank you for the Music" by ABBA, not to mention the theme song from Diggerland, the heavy equipment adventure park just outside of London. Roark is finally swimming by himself, and we are excited for more summer pool days!

We encourage our friends to come and visit and/or stay with us. Summer is here, and it's a great time to swim in our pool.

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Rio and Roark Chatter

Rio and Roark continue to grow up! Roark just completed the Hungry Dog Dash 5K at Liberty Station (early Feb, 2015) and came in third place for kids 10 and under. As for Rio, she just finished performing a number of trombone solos at her jazz band's recent concert to benefit the Lion's Club of Ocean Beach. Her Aunt Liz was in town and got to see her jazzy tunes!